Deep Energy Retrofits in Existing buildings.

Updating your older building to ensure it is energy efficient can be a challenge when it comes to maintaining its heritage integrity. The number one fear is that you will lose the historically accurate appearance of your building.

After taking some time to research your options and narrow down your list of professional services available, you may learn that the appearance of your building doesn’t have to suffer, and you will save a lot of time and money in the long run.

Deep Energy Retrofits are updates to your building our house made to conserve energy and lead to the improvement of energy performance. The 5 key areas to address are HVAC systems, rainwater management, lighting with LED, Heat pumps and windows.

Commercial - Vancouver City Hall
Vancouver City Hall

Windows represent about 17% of heating and cooling costs of a building. That may not sound like a significant amount but over the years the costs add up. By installing interior or exterior storms, you can reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 40% and reduce noise by 98%. In an earthquake zone like Vancouver Island and the Vancouver area mainland, glass can provide you with seismic building improvements.  To take it further, adding thermal storm windows is an even more efficient upgrade to your current units. Thermal storms can be left on all year, enable your existing windows to operate and essentially provide triple glazing on single paned units. Best of all with the addition of an interior or exterior storm window, nothing goes to landfill, which reduces your ecological footprint.

Commercial - Queens Printer
Queens Printer in Victoria

If you want an alternative fix to your current units, retrofitting your windows may be the best option for your window upgrades. Adding thermal sash provides many of the same benefits of a thermal storm window and is a great low-cost alternative than replacing the whole unit. Your windows will also last much longer than any vinyl or aluminum alternative.

Vintage Woodworks has had the opportunity to provide such improvements to buildings across Western Canada. We have manufactured thermal storm windows for the Bessborough Hotel in Saskatchewan, Queen’s Printer in Victoria, Carnegie Community Centre in Vancouver and the list goes on. We have worked to retrofit 1000’s of windows throughout British Columbia

Commercial - Hudson Bay Building
Hudson Bay Building

including examples such as Victoria’s Hudson Bay Building, Vancouver’s Stock Exchange Building, Vancouver’s Tamura Hotel, Vancouver City Hall and more.

By providing these upgrades, our clients save time, money and resources as well as reducing the materials that are sent to the landfill. Clients will immediately experience additional benefits such as reduced cost in energy sources, a quieter interior and the peace of mind that they have preserved the beautiful aesthetics of their heritage building or house.

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