Vintage Woodworks works with the guidelines as set out in the “Standards and Guidelines for Conservation for Historic Places in Canada” to ensure sound solutions to each commercial application.

Important factors to be addressed with each commercial heritage building include: energy efficiency, sound blocking, weather sealing, ease of operation, reduced maintenance.

The historic manner windows fit in masonry openings can differ from building to building. Some windows are keyed into the brick work while others sit back. Brick mould is an important moisture barrier that should be intact and addressed and over time sills may have been unfortunately fitted with metal cladding which promotes sill rot.

Commercial windows such as double hung, casement, awnings or hoppers, tilt & turn and curve top windows all can be brought to life again with either the original single glazing, laminate glass or thermal double pane glass depending on the application.  We can work with you and your heritage consultant to ensure you have maximum use of your historic building.

Storefronts signal street appeal. Often historic photos let us bring your building to life but when they are not available or if you want to change the look then we can help you with the design that ensures ‘form meets function’. Having restored, designed and manufactured more wood storefronts than any other wood manufacturer in British Columbia, Vintage Woodworks will support you with ideas and tips that give your building timeless attraction.