Vintage Woodworks Restoration

Many commercial building owners and home owners look at their windows as being tired, often painted shut with broken ropes and inoperable hardware.

Don’t despair because there are so many options to bring your windows back to life, with added thermal efficiency, comfort and aesthetic appeal.  Vintage Woodworks is the leading specialist in British Columbia for both restoration and replica manufacturing of old windows. We work on windows that are up to 150 years of age that were constructed with solid first growth fir.  Typically your old windows have not lived half their time yet and with a little maintenance they can be brought back to live another century.

Whether we retain the old wavy glass or put in new laminate glass to reduce sound, block UV, provide seismic performance, security and safety, your windows can be made like new again.  Simply by changing the sash to thermal double paned sash you can enhance thermal efficiency for your building.  We have restored thousands of windows in these past 4 decades and each window continues on providing comfort, service, efficiency and operability to all owners.  Please contact us for more information on how we can help you with your restoration project.


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