Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose wooden windows?

Traditional wooden windows are usually the right choice for an older home. They provide much of the visual interest, as well as a sense of warmth, beauty and quality for any home. Wood is one of the best insulators, far better than aluminum or vinyl. Wooden windows provide lasting quality for your home.

Don’t wooden windows require a lot more maintenance than vinyl or aluminum windows?

Wooden windows do require maintenance, as do vinyl and aluminum windows, but the beauty of wood windows is that they can be maintained to last for centuries. They can be simply and economically repaired. Vinyl and aluminum windows are difficult to repair and are usually replaced (at greater cost). It is almost always more feasible to retain and repair wooden windows than to replace them with metal examples or plastic alternatives. Studies in Great Britain have shown that replacement of original windows with inappropriate modern substitutes can reduce the value of the house.

Aren’t double (or triple) glazed windows more thermally efficient than old fashioned single glazed windows?

Well, maybe. You have to be careful that you are comparing apples to apples. A traditional single glazed movable sash has a lower R-value than double glazed insulated glass BUT that same traditional single glazed sash with a storm window has a greater thermal efficiency than the double glazed insulated glass. This is because the optimum spacing between sheets of glass is 3/4″ to 3″. A well made storm window over a single glazed window will reduce window heat losses by over 50%. To quote B.C. Hydro: ” It should be noted that properly installed storm windows are more thermally efficient than many sealed double-glazed windows and as storm windows are usually less expensive than replacement windows, they probably constitute the best investment value for retrofit applications.”

Do your windows and door prices include hardware?

Windows include specific solid brass hardware. Traditional bronze weather stripping or Qlon types of weather strip can be included in your windows and doors. Pre-hung door units include hinges and head and foot bolts if appropriate.

Do you use putty or wood stops in your windows?

Putty on single glazed units; wooden stops on thermal glazed units.

What type of lift system do you use for your double hung window units?

Counter weights with pulleys. The sash can be hung on chains, ropes or spiral balances. (These are built as traditional double hung, single hung or triple hung windows.)

Do your prices include painting or staining?

All products are available primed or natural. Your painter will do the finish paint or stain. We do offer finish panting services but do not offer staining at this time.

Do your prices include installation?

We do not provide installation services and therefore do not include pricing for this service. We are happy to provide our customers with a list of local contractors who can be contacted for references and quotes.