Heritage Designed Storefronts

Rice Block Storefront

The storefront is the most important architectural feature of many historic commercial buildings.

It also plays a crucial role in a store’s advertising and merchandising strategy to draw customers and increase business. Not surprisingly, the storefront has become the feature most commonly altered in a historic commercial building. In the process, these alterations may have completely changed or destroyed a building’s distinguishing architectural features that make up its historic character.

Vintage Woodworks can help a historical building return to its original state of grandeur.  We begin with the finest materials crafted with the utmost attention to detail.    

Vintage Woodworks has been designing, manufacturing and restoring wood historical storefronts for 4 decades throughout Vancouver, Gastown, Yaletown,  the lower mainland and throughout Victoria, B.C.  By working closely with you, your architect, heritage consultants, and engineers to re-create your historical wood storefront we bring life back to your historic building. Please contact Vintage Woodworks for more information.


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