Our windows are manufactured through mortise and tenoned joints. Traditionally windows throughout the world that have a proven track record of life between 100 to 300 years are made with through mortise and tenoned joinery.

If you are thinking about restoring your double hung windows yourself, this diagram is a helpful tool to use when deciding what part or piece may need restoration or replacement on your unit.

Beginning with the outside of your window and working your way in, assess the exterior sill. The old wood used to mill the sill is some of the best British Columbia has to offer. You may often find the sill and jamb in excellent condition. If your sill is rotted, it may have been subjected to years of moist brought on by the close proximity of plants and shrubs. Deep cracks may have formed in the sill, likely the result of solar checking. This does not mean your sills are rotted – with a little maintenance they can be restored and preserved.

Throughout your window restoration, you will likely use tools such as heat guns that are available at the local hardware store, linseed oil based window putty and glass cutting knives. Many folks find that the most time consuming section of window restoration is the sash component and re-glazing.

Have missing parts and pieces? We can supply you with traditional ropes, linseed oil based putty, pulleys, weather strip and window lifts and locks that may be damaged or missing. In addition to hardware, we offer new parting strip, sash stop and blind stop and a vast array of mouldings and trim to get your old windows looking new again.

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