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Vintage Woodworks was founded in 1980 by Jim Stiven, a young man with a passion for millwork and the preservation of historical architecture.  As the company grew so did the need to for skilled journeymen.  Ken Coley-Donohue joined Vintage Woodworks in 1990 and today, as Jim’s partner he brings exceptional joinery and woodworking skills combined with his knowledge of modern technology and business resourcefulness. 

Vintage Woodworks has grown throughout the years to become one of British Columbia’s largest custom heritage restoration companies.  We use the same woodworking joinery techniques used in small towns over 150 years ago.  The era spanning 1870 to 1940 is one of the most architecturally significant in British Columbia and Canada encompassing three identifiable periods of millwork distinguished by astoundingly beautiful and elaborate industrial wood craftsmanship.  To recreate and restore this elaborate beauty and craftsmanship, Vintage Woodworks compiles and interprets designs from historic trade catalogs,  period trade journals and archived architectural drawings to produce an accurate restoration of millwork from this era.

Everything at Vintage Woodworks is made from solid wood, handcrafted millwork with attention to detail and quality unsurpassed in the field.  Vintage Woodworks produces historically accurate doors, windows, storefronts, facades, moldings and other millwork. The company has been selected as the supplier for numerous historical restoration and renovation projects. Many of these buildings are listed in both the Provincial and National Register of Historic Places in Canada. 

 At Vintage Woodworks we do not try to change history, we maintain it.  As our reputation for historical restoration grows, we take pride in our ability to work in partnership with people, companies and communities to restore historic structures, encourage traditional building practices, and affirm cultural values.  Please take a moment and browse our web pages to see some of the wonderful, existing and at times world class projects that we have worked on throughout the years. 



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